Our Founder

In 1932, the late Archbishop Aston Ignatius Chichester founded” the Little Children of Our Blessed Lady” Congregation of Diocesan Right in the Archdiocese of Salisbury, Rhodesia. He decided to put them under the protection and patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Everything had to start from scratch. The members of the newly founded Congregation worked on the missions, as teachers, catechists, nurses and domestic workers. Thus, our apostolates started to take shape.

Who We Are

We are Little Children of our Blessed Lady, RELIGIOUS women FIRED for MISSION by the Holy Spirit and the Vision of the founder. Founded by the late Archbishop Aston Ignatius Chichester SJ in 1932. We are a local congregation. Our mother house in the Archdiocese of Harare Zimbabwe. We are sisters rooted in Christ.


Latest news and events

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The Peace of Christ calls us to create a Christian community where God is found in the beauty and joy of our worship, in the breadth of our outreach, and in our love for one another.